Business Office Insurance Policies

Most business owner insurance policies (BOPs) do provide coverage for commercial property. However this most often pertains only to the actual structure of your business. BOPs generally provide insurance coverage for the structure of your business from events of “peril” (i.e. weather­related damage) and causes of loss (i.e. robbery). BOPs generally do not provide insurance coverage for the furniture, computers, and equipment in your building, or do not cover the cost of replacing an outdoor sign.

This is why Commercial Property Insurance is important. Typical Commercial Property Insurance policies will cover the business property that your BOP do not cover. Sundstrom Agencies can compile a Commercial Property Insurance Policy to include insurance coverage for:

Commercial Property Insurance can, in most cases, be customized to allow you to provide more insurance coverage for things that really matter to your business, and less insurance coverage for other things. If you don’t think you need Commercial Property insurance coverage, consider this: if a fire burns down your business's building destroying your entire inventory, are you sure that your BOP provides the insurance coverage you need to replace it? Or, if someone steals expensive equipment from your business, are you sure that your BOP provides the insurance coverage to replace it completely?

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